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Big Wheels Keep on Turn'n


These days, a set of four tires will cost a few hundred dollars on the low end, and well over a thousand dollars on the high end. It’s never been more important to make sure your tires last as long as possible.The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to keep your tires spinning longer. Here are three inexpensive tips:


 All it takes is four quarters to save you a lot of money. (That’s how much it costs to get air at most gas stations. Prices may vary.)

 Tires are crucial to steering, braking, and cornering. Your chances of getting a flat increase when your tires aren’t properly inflated. Underinflated tires can make your car unsafe while stopping, and when your tires are flatter, the shoulders of the tires wear prematurely. Overinflated tires are too stiff and don’t get the proper traction, which also makes the car unsafe while stopping.

 Added bonus: Properly inflated tires also lead to better gas mileage.

 For just a few dollars, you can buy a tire-pressure gauge at a gas station or hardware store. Keep it in your glove compartment and check your tires every month or so, or anytime they seem low.


 Your tires wear down differently in the front than in the back. Having them rotated every 10,000 miles (every other oil change) will lead to an even wear on all four tires and prolong the life of your tires.


A wheel alignment adjusts the angles of a vehicle’s wheels to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, which are directly related to the vehicle’s suspension system. The proper adjustment keeps the wheels running smoothly in alignment with each other and the road. Improper alignment causes tires to wear unevenly and reduces fuel efficiency.

You should get an alignment if: you notice your vehicle drifting to the right or left when you’re steering straight; you were involved in a collision that damaged the car’s frame; or you drove over a large pot hole or ran into the curb and the steering feels off afterward.

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